About Us

HAAKS Vethum (Pvt) Limited is incorporated with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan under Companies Ordinance, 1984 (XLVII of 1984) and is limited by shares. The company has been established as per modern GMP Standards to manufacturer High Class Nutraceuticals. Total area is 1.326 acres having state of Art Building to manufacture wide range of Nutraceuticals.

Haaks Vethum is company dedicated to the development of products for veterinary use in the market and through a technical and creative development oriented towards unmet needs of producers and veterinarians, and constant technical-commercial support directed to our representatives. We have positioned our veterinary nutraceutical products in the market. All this has made us one of the leading nutraceuticals company.

• GMP Standards 
• High Quality Ingredients
• State-of- the-art Facility
• In-House Label Design

• Qualified and Highly Trained Staff
• Turnkey Solutions
• Attention to Details
• Agile/Lean Principles

• Fulfillment Experts
• In-House Bottling/Packaging
• Personal Approach
• Fast Turnaround Times