Our Services

We manufacture a wide variety of Oral Powders,Oral Syrup including Stress Relievers,Growth Promoters,Nutritional Supplements,Dewormers, Metabolics and Hepato/Renal Protectants for Bovines,Caprines,Ovines,Equines and Camels.

Health Essentials

Meeting nutritional requirements of Livestock & Poultry is extremely important in maintaining acceptable performance through supplementation program that corrects deficiencies in basal diets. Livestock & Poultry may have health problems resulting from substandard feed and water quality. Good nutrition can increase feed efficiency and the rate of gain in animals. Animals/Birds must be fed diets that meet their needs. If their needs are not properly met, the animals/Birds won’t grow, reproduce, or produce milk, meat & eggs, and they could possibly die. That’s why; there is an increasing trend of nutritional products usage.


Haaks Vethum has been successful in its ventures to manufacture value added nutritional products through sustained efforts. We basically focus on overall quality and safety of our value additions in form of health enhancers. We manufacture nutritional products in Oral Liquid and Oral Powder forms including Appetizers, Stress Relievers, Expectorants, Growth Promoters, Multi Vitamins, Liver Tonics, Renal Tonics, Flushers and Vitality Enhancers for Poultry and Animals



We provide a dynamic variety of HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS for Poultry as well as Animals.We provide feed to optimize the performance of your Animals and Birds.

Farmer Services

Haaks Vethum is in a strong commitment to farmers in running successful and profitable business by consistent services. For the sake of this objective, we have a team of experts that is mandatory to this harmonious coordination. Our team,including scientists, veterinarians and nutritionists, provide an innovative insight into production to achieve successful and profitable Poultry & Livestock farming. We provide solutions in the form of Cattle Feed premixure (Wanda) and Poultry Feed premixure that are well adapted to practical Livestock & Poultry farm operations.

 Our Team

Our Pharmacists, Molecular Biologists and Medicinal Analysts are manufacturing the products through increased potency and specificity and ensuring a safe provision of medicines. The main goal of our organization is to provide drugs that prevent infections, maintain health, and cure diseases. We have certifications from regulatory bodies that monitor drug safety, patents and quality. We have well equipped quality control laboratory having all the high quality imported instruments to lead with quality control checking of products.